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Välkommen till Lilla Bommen


Welcome to the world. In Gothenburg.

Lilla Bommen is transforming from an office-focused area into a vibrant and dynamic part of the city center. With its central and waterfront location, it’s the most exciting development in the city. A place with a long-time harbor and trade history, where people have gathered throughout time. To socialize, negotiate, work, and maybe to get a piece of the world. Now, we’re letting the city face toward the water, allowing Lilla Bommen and the quay to once again become a vibrant area combining the unique local character with international influences.

This is where the new urban and waterfront part of Gothenburg is emerging. Welcome to the future area of Lilla Bommen.


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Join us on the journey to a new part of Gothenburg.

Already, Lilla Bommen offers a brilliant location in the heart of the city with all communication options nearby. Moreover, it’s the only truly central waterfront location in Gothenburg.

Welcome to an area of strong development potential, with innovative office solutions, exciting housing forms, and unexpected experiences. See our vision for Lilla Bommen below:

Lilla Bommen


Lilla Bommen is one of the few places in Gothenburg where the urban cityscape reaches all the way to the river's edge. As development progresses, the quay is filling up with activity. The new bridge connects the city across the river, and syncs the quay with the city's everyday rhythm. Parks and green pathways create spaces for gatherings, recreation, and play.


The area will become an exciting fusion of playful and organized elements. The neighborhood attracts a variety of activities and residences, with the right conditions for sustainable and equitable lifestyles. There's room for diverse initiatives and creativity among people. Here you will find the local Gothenburg vibe with an international touch


Lilla Bommen is bustling with life around the clock, offering the city's wide range of experiences and activities. Safe and well-planned pathways are evolving, creating accessible places to meet. Along with the public transportations hubs, Lilla Bommen becomes the city's main arteries – essential for sustainable travel patterns and a sustainable city.

Lilla Bommen

Welcome to the world. In Gothenburg.

Now we’re building upon the outward-looking history of this place, with room for people, new buildings, offices, commerce, services, culture, and places to meet, work, live, and experience. Here, the city is connected across the river, and you can’t get much closer to the water than this.

Just a few hundred meters away are the Västlänken entrance, the Central Station, Nils Ericson Terminal, as well as direct access to E45.

Lilla Bommen

From a office-focused area to a vibrant waterfront district.

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Gothenburg's most iconic building right on the quay. A well-known landmark synonymous with vibrant and innovative entrepreneurship. 32,000 sqm of 80s design filled with flexible and modern offices, conference spaces, co-working areas, a wine bar, reception, restaurant, bakery, cafes, and a colorful inner courtyard and park open to all.


The property Älvblick provides direct access to the square and quay. The iconic Läppstiftet becomes your closest neighbor. Welcome to 10,000 sqm of offices, hotel, café, and restaurant.

Upcoming project.


Älvporten, along with Kaj 16, will serve as the gateway from the Hisingen Bridge. Welcome to 18,000 sqm of bright premises right on the quay.

Upcoming project.


One step closer to the central station and opposite the Platinan building, the property Bromästaren is planned with 18,000 sqm of offices, residences, commerce, and services.

Upcoming project.

Kaj 16

A smart, open, and attractive wooden landmark with direct access to the quay, river, and bridge. Spanning 30,000 sqm, it offers space for a mix of larger companies, innovators, entrepreneurs, and visitors.

Construction starts in 2023, move-in by 2027.


A signature building that offers 60,000 sqm of hotel, conference facilities, co-working spaces, offices, bicycle services, gym, entertainment, cafés and restaurants. Completed in 2022, it was the first project in the development of Lilla Bommen, extending the city center, connecting over the river and returning the waterfront to the people of Gothenburg.

Götakvarteret Hus A

On the Götatunnel's roof deck, plans are in place for four construction sites, with Vasakronan being one of the four designated partners. Vasakronan aims to acquire Block A, encompassing approximately 33,000 sqm for office spaces and central activities.

Preliminary construction start in 2026.


A modern office building next to the Göta River, offering excellent parking and communication possibilities. 12,000 sqm with the quay right alongside.


Mötesrum med blå stolar vid runda bord

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